1-The first ‘smiley’ was used in 1982.
2-Flowers grown faster when they continue heard the songs.
3-The oldest bookshop is in ‘PORTUGAL’.
4-For a making a violin ’70’ different types of tree’s wood are used.
5-Monkeysare used as ‘Waiter’ in one of Japan’s restaurant.
6-Having a problem of a headache is also sometimes caused by mobile radiation.
7-Anechoic Chamber is a chamber where u can listen ur heart beat without using any instrument (stethoscope).
8-Two country where no coca-cola can be sold is “NORTH-KOREA & CUBA”.
9-Ur phone carrying more bacteria than ur toilet.
10-1811 in ‘Britain’ every four women one women having a name was ‘Mary’.
11-The Novel ‘In Search of Lost Time‘ having (4,211) pages in which there are (1,200,000) words are written.
12-About more than 100,000 {.com domain} registered  online every day.
13-Dolphin is only the fish who can identify itself by seeing in the mirror.
14-Japan having more than 50 lakh Vending Machine.
15-30,000 parts r used for the manufacture of the car.

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