What is global warming?

Global warming is the biggest threat to our existence in recent time for which we need to find a solution to solve this problem as earliest as possible. The increase in the amount of carbon dioxide  and carbon compounds results in the increase of temperature of the surface of earth known as the global warming.

Causes of global warming:

There are a lot of reasons for global warming but the main reason for the global warming is the greenhouse gases and in the past few decades the amount of presence of greenhouse gases in the environment is surprisingly increased to a high level. The reason behind the increase of global warming is both because of the chemical reactions in the atmosphere and also our consumption of various carbon compounds, fossil fuels result in the generation of greenhouse gases.

   When the greenhouse gases like chlorofluorocarbons reacts with the ozone layer above in the stratosphere it breaks downs into the carbon mono oxides and oxygen compound and a single molecule of chlorofluorocarbon can react with the 1000 molecules of the ozone layer which results in the hole in the ozone layer. Some days before a hole in the ozone layer was detected by the scientists in the Antarctica region.

   Ozone layer stops the entry of the ultraviolet rays in the atmosphere and hence protects us from the various harmful diseases caused by the influence of the ultraviolet rays and also the entry of the UV rays increase the temperature of the atmosphere and hence results in the global warming.

Greenhouse effect & gases:

The energy received by earth from the sun is partly absorbed and partly reflected back into the atmosphere. In this process some of the energy is trapped by the atmosphere of the earth this is known to be greenhouse effect which is the main cause of the global warming.The gases like methane, chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s), and nitrous oxides are the main greenhouse gases.

Effects of global warming:

Global warming effects are too dangerous for the human existence on the earth. The main effects of the global warming are as follows:

  • Change in the climatic conditions of the earth surface day by day is threatening the life
  • Melting of the glaciers and ice caps are increasing the level of the sea and resulting in the decrease of the land on the earth to live.
  • Melting of the pure water glaciers is decreasing the amount of fit water present for the human consumption.
  • Due to global warming, the temperature of the earth is increasing day by day will not be easy to survive in such conditions.

Solution to global warming:

If at this stage the global warming is not taken as the serious issue in future it will be too late to get rid of the consequences because of the global warming. To protect the world from the global warming the govt. and the humanity has to work together on this in following ways:

  •  The govt. should conduct awareness campaign time to time make people aware about  the cons of global warming.
  •   We should use solar energy or some other energy sources instead of thermal energy.
  •   The generation of greenhouse gases should be stopped as much as possible.
  •   The people should avoid the use of fossil fuels and others carbon compounds to  decrease the amount of co2 in the atmosphere.
  •         The use of CNG should be compulsory for the vehicles instead of petrol and diesel.

For the detailed study about Global Warming stats and data, you can visit this link given below click here


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