1:-INTRODUCTION👉 While studying the concept of rigid body, we assumed the distance between the two points should be fixed. But real solids do not obey the concept. When external forces are applied on the body, it may get deformed. The internal forces developing inside the body try to restore its original shape. So the property … Continue reading ELASTICITY



Important points :- 1:- Kinetic energy (KE) doesn't depend upon direction of motion & it is never negative. 2:-As velocity is a frame depend quantity therefore KE also depends on reference frame. 3:-KE of a system can be increased or decreased without applying any external force of the system by the use of internal energy. … Continue reading WORK POWER ENERGY


1-Rest & motion are relative terms. 2-There is no meaning of rest or motion without the viewer. 3-Nothing is in absolute rest or in absolute motion. 4-For a moving object distance can never decrease with time. Thus for a moving object the (distance/time) curve is strictly increasing. 5-Magnitude of displacement vector between two points is … Continue reading MOTION IN ONE DIMENSION